Expert care for ear, nose & throat issues: meet consultant Daniele Borsetto.

Mr Daniele Borsetto is a substantive consultant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and he specialises in complex otology surgery, skull base surgery, hearing loss, balance/vertigo, tinnitus, chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal obstruction, alongside his general ENT practice. Mr Borsetto is available for both adults and children at private hospitals in Cambridge.

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Discover the Comprehensive List of Treatable Conditions at Borsetto ENT

·  Imbalance / Vertigo / Dizziness

·  Cholesteatoma

·  Hearing loss

·  Tinnitus
·  Chronic rhinosinusitis
·  Nasal obstruction
·  Dysphonia/hoarsenessÉ

·  Otosclerosis

·  Acoustic Neuroma/Vestibular Schwannoma

·  Ear Pain

·  Facial Nerve Palsy

·  Paraganglioma

·  Tumours 

·  Ear infections, tympanic membrane perforation

·  Sore throat / Tonsillitis

·  Nosebleed

Professional interests

Discover the wide range of ear, nose, and throat issues that Consultant Daniele Borsetto specializes in. With extensive experience in both adult and paediatric otology, hearing loss, vestibular medicine, and more, he offers expert care for all your ENT needs.

·  Adult and paediatric Otology (ears)

·  Adult and paediatric hearing loss

·  Vestibular medicine (balance/dizziness)

·  Tinnitus

·  Hearing implant surgery

·  Acoustic neuroma surgery

·  Head and Neck Paragangliomas and Schwannomas

·  Skull base surgery

·  Facial Nerve surgery

About me

Mr Borsetto has published more than 90 research papers so far, has won several academic prizes, and counts more than 1,000 successful surgical operations.